I Can Help Unlock Your Team, and Your Company’s Potential.

The World Continues to Change – FASTER!

In today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing marketplace it should come as no surprise that businesses, large and small, suffer from a gap in sales and operational leadership. They are failing to meet top line and margin expectations, along with evolving customer and business demands. Business struggle to attract, develop and retain great front line sales talent, optimize channel partner relationships, and implement the systems needed to compete and thrive.

In days gone by when change was slower, companies still faced significant challenges to growth and optimum performance. The increase in pace of change has had a multiplier effect, making challenges even greater, and failure to meet them all the more impactful on the business, demanding fresh perspectives and the ability to quickly adapt.

This increase in the pace of change is just one of many disruptors businesses face today. In both any specific business, and in broader world dynamics, general uncertainty, complexity, transformations in the competitive landscape, and the evolution of our customers’ buying journey and expectations, are disrupting businesses of all shapes and sizes like never before.

Customers today demand that professional sales people bring true ‘business value’, which is far more than a slogan, a single seminar, or the latest fad. It encompasses multiple aspects of selling and sales leadership and comes from truly understanding the customers’ business and initiatives, and aligning your offerings to help your customers achieve their goals.

Why and How I Can Help You and Your Company

If you want to launch, grow, transition or innovate your business, I can offer you solutions even people in your own company cannot develop because of their insider perspective and my expertise and experience, having addressed the problems you are facing in other organizations.

I provide straightforward actionable advice, insightful assessments, effective coaching and hands-on operational skills, to help you succeed faster and reach further.

  • Bringing order to chaos
  • Removing drags and inefficiencies in your systems
  • Reducing turnover in sales staff, increasing productivity and achieving profitable growth
  • Providing outside experience, perspectives, objective advice and insight
  • Drilling into the numbers, and operations, to solve what’s eating up your bottom line
  • Bringing the team together and fully documenting processes and procedures
  • Cutting through the noise and clutter to get to the heart of an issue
  • Taking an overdue project lacking a champion across the finish line
  • Maximize management strengths, grow confidence, build a strong bench and provide an independent review
  • Adding clarity in rapidly changing market conditions
  • Preparing for the board of directors
  • Raising funding for the company or a project
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Bridging leadership gaps in a matter of days
  • Objective, unbiased team assessment
  • and more…

When I engage with companies as consultant, coach, or interim executive, my clients benefit from 20+ years of leadership, operations, transformation, and profitable sales growth experience that comes from Fortune 100 executive training, combined with entrepreneur experience, and having worked with thousands of executives at companies of all sizes, from a wide variety of industries, all around the world.

An unbiased perspective, balanced with real world experience, agile change management & adaptability skills, and inspirational leadership, are more important today than ever for a successful business.

Sometimes it is a matter of fresh eyes to wholly understand the real nature of the problem and how to improve it without the constraints of internal politics, and being too close to the issue. Other times, as companies move through inflection points in their growth, it’s a matter of evaluating and enabling the current team, recruiting and rapidly on-boarding the right talent, bringing in new processes, and/or updating existing methodologies and structures.

The value I bring is based not only on important past experiences, but with consideration for new approaches and developments that constantly occur in the market. Having an impartial outside resource can be invaluable, providing hands on assistance and a new perspective to any business, but particularly to those looking for sustainable growth.

It’s also important to recognize that in business, you don’t get partial credit for a great idea that is poorly implemented, so strong execution, and/or the ability of your in-house team to execute on any advice, is always a primary consideration.

“…in business, you don’t get partial credit
for a great idea that is poorly implemented… ”

Whether you need someone inside your organization for a few days or a few months – part-time, full-time, or project based – having been there and done it before, I will use my experience and particular skills to help you fill a leadership gap, profitably grow your sales, save time & money, and/or lead the execution of a high-level project or key initiative.

As an independent consultant, I have the flexibility to work on a flat fee or retainer basis, and am sensitive to the size of your company, nature and length of the project, your particular budget, and your individual needs. You have the flexibility to retain me on an as needed basis for advisory services, or as a hands-on project to permanent, or ‘interim executive’ role, where I may be responsible for execution.

I approach each assignment with a sense of urgency, focusing on execution and results, with a commitment to the following core values in everything I do:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Dedication to Every Client’s Success
  • Innovation That Matters
  • Trust and Personal Responsibility

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